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Melody Jones

Adoption Support Coordinator

The Smoky Mountain Children’s Home (SMCH) Adoption Program is operated through the Foster Care Department. The primary philosophy is that every child deserves permanency within a family, and it is our goal to make this an option for as many children as possible. Once a child is in custody of the State of Tennessee, the SMCH Adoption Support Coordinator and team members, along with the Department of Children’s Services (DCS) team members work together to form a selection committee to identify an appropriate family/placement for these children. SMCH can assist with state and private adoptions and many of our DCS children qualify for financial assistance through the adoption subsidy program.

If you are interested in becoming an adoptive parent or to request more information on the adoption process, please contact our Adoption Support Coordinator, Melody Jones, at

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Available Children/Youth for Adoption

At this time, all of our children/youth have placement in their "forever homes" arranged. This changes on a regular basis, so please check back frequently as we will post any children/youth available for adoption in the near future.

Successful Adoptions with SMCH Adoption Services


Myers family with their 4th adopted child, Patrick Josiah. They are devoted foster/adoptive parents with SMCH.


Foster/Adoptive parent, Dale Hull, his 2 adopted sons, Matthew and Jaymz, and one of our local Judges celebrating the adoption of Andrew.

Brandon Oechsle

Brandon Oechsle, an amazing kid, was adopted in Blount County to Reena and Bobby Brooks. The Brooks have been excellent Foster Parents with SMCH for five years.