Task Force Team: Dr. Wade Horton, Chair; Dr. Shane Smith; Beverly Beard; Marvin Amos; and Dr. Walt Mauldin

We are operating out of faith and not fear! 

  1.  The Smoky Mountain Children’s Home is postponing all volunteer work groups, campus tours and activities until further notice. 
  2. All youth home passes and parent visits have been discontinued until March 31. Teleconferencing efforts are being made for family communication.  
  3. Local schools have suspended classes. Our public school students will begin work on Chromebooks provided by the school system. 
  4. On March 23, our SMCH Alpha campus school will begin classes in two-hour shifts per the Department of Children’s Services.  
  5. A weekly worship service is being planned via live streaming to each cottage. 
  6. Campus residents will not be allowed to attend social events on-campus or off-campus. 
  7. Staff are encouraged to conduct meetings by phone or computer.
  8. Residents are temporarily restricted from working in the community. 
  9. Everyone on campus is to practice social distancing.


The Centennial Celebration planned for Tuesday, April 21 is postponed until Tuesday, October 27 at the Sevierville Convention Center.

All ads for the Centennial Program will be distributed at the following events:

  1. July 20-24, General Assembly in Indianapolis, IN
  2. September 26, SMCH Homecoming on the SMCH campus
  3. October 27, Centennial Celebration
  4. December 17, Christmas Banquet