SMCH mobilizes Churches and families to care for foster children.

The Mission of Church mobilization is to bring the local church community together to glorify God by caring for children and families in need.

The Crisis:

  • Children come into foster care daily.
  • A large percentage are placed out of their home county.
  • Foster care is on the rise.
  • Not enough foster families to care for the children.

The Solution:

  • An abundance of churches to meet the need.
  • Children need a Christian home to show Christ’s love and hope.

The Church is the solution to the foster care crisis.


A Model for your Church Ministry

SMCH Provides:

  • Training for church leadership, volunteers and continued support for the church
  • A model that mobilizes volunteer support for foster families and children.
Foster Care Brochure Outside


Join us in our efforts to show these children and families the love of Christ. Make foster care a ministry of your church and your home.

Together we can change their lives forever!