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Marvin Amos

Residential Director & Liaison to Alpha

Residential Department and Team

Smoky Mountain Children's Home is a community consisting of four primary teams known as caregivers, case management, the leadership and management team, and Alpha. Below is a priority statement and description of the positions in each category.


Caregivers consists of house parents, assessment caregivers, caregiver specialist, and the night staff team who work collectively to provide 24/7 supervision, daily interventions, education and re-direction, behavior modification, and mentor sessions. Caregivers are supervised by the Campus Lead, Night Staff Supervisor, Caregiver Specialist, and Treatment Team Assistant.

The priority statement of this group is to provide a healing atmosphere through trauma informed care creating a lasting positive impact on the youth’s physical, emotional, cognitive, social, and spiritual person with healthy relationship and positive reinforcement.

Case Management

The case management team consists of Bachelor and Master’s level case managers (CM). We have three case management positions known as CM, CMII, and Masters Level Case Manager (CMIII) serving campus. The case manager is supervised by a Team Leader.

The priority statement of the case management team is to coordinate trauma informed services that respond effectively with evidence based practices to the youth’s treatment needs, priorities reunification with the youth’s family or permanency through adoption/kinship placements, and case management/youth clinical sessions to direct the youth toward positive behavioral change.

Leadership and Management Team

The leadership and management team consists of the Director of Residential Services (DRS), Residential Coordinator (RC), Team Leader (TL), Campus Lead (CL) Team, and Medical Case Manager.  This Team approaches their role from a servant leader perspective with concepts from transformational and team based leadership theory. The Director of Residential Services sponsors ongoing team meetings among this group to facilitate collaborative efforts to organize trauma informed and evidence based service to respond to the youth’s needs. The Director of Residential Services responds directly to the Executive Director and Clinical Director.

The priority statement of this team is to work collaboratively as a supervisory team to lead team members into a successful trauma informed and evidence based service philosophy by managing performance through compliance and program measurement and supporting their work through relationship and partnership.

Alpha School

The Alpha team includes the School Principal, Teachers, Teacher’s Aids filled by Treatment Team Assistants, and support for behavioral management from the Campus Lead Team. The Director of Residential Services serves as the Liaison to Alpha. The school approaches education for at-risk-youth from a trauma informed perspective and work with each student’s strengths to allow them to complete course work at their specific pace. Alpha monitors student performance, provides positive incentives to motivate progress and supports students who are working on the HiSET program. One of the new additions to the program is the student intervention program.

The priority statement of this team is to create a safe learning environment for students through evidence based and trauma informed classroom management techniques and academic intervention programs. The goal is to help students achieve academic success and regain confidence in their ability for achievement in the future.